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About Us



The Piece of Mind Foundation Inc. addresses disparities in public education, most notably, schools located in communities where its residents’ average at or below the median income. The lower rate of payroll and property taxes results in significant decrements to community services, case in point, public school funding. The decrements in public education harm classroom performance. Teachers, Social Workers, and Mental Health Counselors find it challenging to address the barriers to learning where students in these public schools face often manifested in the classroom. Piece of Mind Foundation focuses its efforts on addressing stated disparities at the classroom level where students, the next generation of public servants, leaders, etc., are negatively impacted at the start of their journey in life.



Ainsworth and Maria Jackson have been fortunate to be the embodiment of the American dream as migrants from Jamaica and the Philippines who met in Germany back in the mid-80s. They were also lucky to have had careers in the US Army as Soldiers and Department of Defense as Army Civilians with a combined 64 years of selfless service to God and country. Their most notable work as public servants’ dates back to Operation Deliberate Force – Bosnia; Operations Enduring Freedom – Philippines, and Operation Tomodachi – Japan. Operations where humanitarian and disaster relief minimized the suffering of those affected by war, civil disturbances, and natural disasters. Their extensive experience as public servants, coupled with migrant mentalities, led to their commitment to lessening the burdens of those less fortunate and the creation of the Piece of Mind Foundation Inc.


Piecing Together The Education Puzzle!

One Student, Teacher, and Classroom at a Time!


Piece of Mind Foundation is committed to the empowerment of those with a passion for public service.

  • Commitment
  • Empowerment
  • Service



Piece of Mind Foundation creates legacy based educational initiatives to afford the next generation of Public Servants’ access to personal growth opportunities.



To inspire hope through the gift of knowledge.

Board of Directors

Ainsworth M. A. Jackson Jr.

Public Relations Director
Marshall Islands

Maria Hope Jackson.

Vice President/Co-Founder
Davenport, Florida
United States of America

Ainsworth M. A. Jackson Sr.

Davenport, Florida
United States of America

Adonis O. Jackson

Marketing Director
Oakland, California
United States of America



    You are the missing piece to solving the education puzzle by ensuring the next generation of young people are equipped with the tools needed to solve the problems of today and tomorrow as they strive to become public servants..

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