Global Initiatives

Global Initiatives



Piece of Mind Foundation Inc. identified disparities in public education, most notably, schools located in communities where its residents’ average at or below the median income. The rate of payroll and property taxes collected results in annual decrements to community services, case in point, public school funding. Decrements to public education funding have adverse impacts on classroom performance. Teachers, Social Workers, and Mental Health Counselors often find it challenging to address the barriers to learning students in these public schools face. The three Global Initiatives outlined below is our way of addressing barriers to learning at the grassroots level.

School Supplies

Addressing funding shortfalls where teachers are forced to come out of pocket to purchase school supplies for their that are above and beyond student/parent responsibility.

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Provide tuition assistance in the form of a scholarship to assists students with a passion for work as a public servant pursuing careers in education, social work, or mental health counseling..

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Mentorship Program

Mentorship program designed to inspire the inspired to be the change they want to see in their communities.

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    You are the missing piece to solving the education puzzle by ensuring the next generation of young people are equipped with the tools needed to solve the problems of today and tomorrow as they strive to become public servants..

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